The next-generation product or service will totally transform the torrent downloading experience. Despite the fact that they are not exactly secure and legal, torrents have integrated themselves into our online lives at this moment. Thus the allows you get these torrents in the best and shortest manner possible. is an online torrent client that functions flawlessly on practically all global networks. Additionally, they provide a tool for streaming torrents, and there are various choices for non-paid and premium customers.
Secure Download Manager, uTorrent, bitTorrent, and zbigz are alternatives to, however, is faster, more secure and a lot more user-friendly.

The greatest thing is that once you’ve done downloading a torrent, you may erase it from the server to free up room for another one. For a premium account that will further improve your experience, purchase it.
Then, not only will the size not be restricted to 2 GB, but you will be able to download many torrents simultaneously.

With, you can:

  • Download torrents directly as squat documents,
  • Continuous streaming of videos with integrated subtitles search,
  • Listen to music,
  • Look at e-books,
  • And much more…

Personal opinion:

I adore so much! The quality is usually excellent, and they make it so simple to download and stream torrents. Additionally, they provide excellent customer service and are usually prompt in responding to any queries or worries I may have.
Thus, I highly recommend it to everyone 🙂

In case you would like to use it, you can user my personal invitation:

Or you can directly Sign Up or subscribe a paid account from their original homepage:

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