About Me

As John Lennon suggests, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Although I had a very close relationship with computers, I wasn’t planning to become an engineer. Having watched countless operations, I was sure that being a surgeon was the right thing for me. Until I discovered the painful part of the medicine: Where the science fails to save one’s life.

It was the last operation I watched in person. The patient was in his fifties, a grandfather of a family. The family was outside when I was entering to the observing room. The operation was a difficult heart operation and the surgeon did everything he can do… The most difficult part was to see the pain in the face of the surgeon: The expression of deep sorrow.

I have never been afraid of failing before. I always believed and still believe that failure is a great way to learn and improve. As Thomas Edison said as he was trying to invent the lightbulb: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. ” However failing in medicine meant the life of an innocent person and I would have never forgiven myself for hurting an innocent, or worse. So I started to consider other career options.

What I liked most about medicine is the possibilty of helping many people and still being able to research and learn new knowledge to satisfy your sophisticated needs. Yet, there were many other fields that I can help others and also satisfy my sophisticated needs.

I like to dream, my dreams will become my goals. I need my goals so I can find a reason to wake up in the morning before the sun comes up. And if I wake up before the sun comes up, it is difficult to stop me from making my dreams a reality.

So here I am, studying Computer Engineering at Koç University and learning continuously. Always trying new things and failing many many times. What you won’t see me doing is giving up: Because I know that if I give up, I will never get up.


New Project Arrived: https://sentireai.app/

Other names I am known by:

Oğuzhan Kadayıfçılar
Oğuzhan Kada
Oğuzhan Kadaifciler
Oğuzhan Kadayifçiler
Oguzhan Kadayıfçılar


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