Please read why I do not suggest buying a bike from Rabe-Bike stores.

This is a public negative review about Rabe Bike © RABE Fahrradhandel GmbH.

I normally do not publicly share my negative reviews about companies but privately share my comments with them and make suggestions. Unfortunately my experience with Rabe-Bike ( was very negative and I wanted to share this experience with my network to inform possible customers.

I bought a bike on 3rd of May 2022 from Rabe Bike ( © RABE Fahrradhandel GmbH ) and it arrived 2 days after the purchase. As soon as I opened the package, I found issues with the bike. I directly called the customer service and upon their request, I ride with the bike to the nearest customer service/sale center. Unfortunately they did not provide me with any satisfactory solutions and hence I wrote an official complain email and called them again. After an email communication, which also was unsatisfactory for me, I wanted to return the product and they stated that they will not payback full amount if I rode more than 2 km. This was of course not indicated in any of the English pages…

Most important of all, Rabe Bike service personnel and/or email support personnel claimed riding with a broken reflector and with other issues was “okay” and possibly put my well being and life at risk.

I will never ever buy from Rabe Bike, because I believe that they put my life at risk, intentionally mislead me by providing different information in English and German versions of their webpage and I believe that they fraudulently concealed the defects in their products by claiming “this errors happen in all bikes”, “it is okay”, “you are making an issue out of nothing”.

Please be very careful in your dealings with Rabe-Bike!

(Positive and negative reviews are permitted within the right to freedom of speech in the Country of purchase (Article 5 GG – German Constitution).)

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